Thursday, July 26, 2012

Increasing the minimum wage will increase unemployment

To the left-wing fools who recently advocated that Congress increase the minimum wage to $9.80:

Where have you placed your heads that you can no longer observe reality? Have you not seen what has happened to unskilled jobs in America?

Increasing the marginal cost of unskilled labor may or may not not immediately reduce employment. But it will definitely make elimination of workers more feasible.

Fifty years ago, gasoline service stations employed young men who filled up everyone's gas tanks. No more.

Thirty years ago, McDonald's and every other hamburger chain employed a worker to cook french fries. It's all done automatically now.

Twenty years ago, WalMart and other retailers had zero self service checkouts. Now they take up a third of the check out lines and they're increasing.

Unskilled labor is constantly being replaced by machines. Increasing the minimum wage just increases the rate of replacement.

How many low-skilled jobs have been offshored over the past five decades? Does anyone actually believe increasing the marginal cost of low-skilled labor will keep the remaining jobs here?

Rasing the minimum wage is absolutely stupid.

Again, to those of you who advocate minimum wage increases: get your heads out of those dark places and look at what has happened to low-skilled jobs in America.

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