Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Inequality in America is a personal choice

It is beyond disgusting to hear Democrats and their supporters complain about inequality in this nation.  Opportunity is here for the taking.  No nation on earth has produced as many millionaire entrepreneurs as the United States.  No nation on earth provides the strong economy and freedoms through which even poor immigrants have continued to achieve success not even dreamed about in their home countries.

So why do so many Americans complain about inequality? We could attribute their actions to the sin of envy, and blame it on temptation of the devil. IMO, though, Americans who complain about their economic failure simply lack the courage to look in the mirror and accept that their poor decisions and their lack of drive is what caused their personal "inequality".

It is truly amazing that people who are such cowards, so afraid to face up to their singular role in their personal situation, believe they can make the rest of us feel guilty enough to "make them equal".

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